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Tui Na Massage

What's Tui Na?

Tui Na (Medical massage) is the Chinese Medicine version of Osteopathy, physical therapy. It is often used in along with acupuncture as well as a standalone treatment. It is a form of soft tissue massage & acupressure that, when done properly, can be very effective in treating misalignment in your body, pain, sports injuries, and orthopaedic problems.

Muscular imbalances can affect posture, spinal alignment and put place pressure on nerves branching off of the spinal cord. If any of these symptoms are present it can lead to a number of health issues including, but not limited to pain, numbness, burning, tension, stress and a reduction in your overall health & vitality. The cause of any of these can be from physical pressure, chemical imbalances and emotional stress.

Where can it help?

Tui Na treats the cause of the symptoms but rather than the symptoms themselves. With every person, it’s important to diagnose what is causing the problem or pain. This comprises of testing the nervous system and muscles to see what is working and what isn’t.

Patients commonly present with the following issues:


Disc Herniations
Disc Buldges
Nerve Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Rotator Cuff Pain
Knee Pain
Foot Pain

Neurological & Muscular

Neck Pain
Tennis Elbow
Various Forms Of Tendinitis
Low Back Pain

Finding out what fits

A consultation is needed with Matt to make sure that Acupuncture is right for you. It’s not for everyone, and it may not even be the thing you need. If it’s not, we may be able to treat your symptoms with another treatment – we’ll assess that as we chat during your consultation.

If it’s right for you, we may be able to perform the treatment right away. 

What to expect

a person holding their back in pain
  • Personal Treatment Course

    We'll agree together what the right course of action, people can show very different symptoms for their problems. In our consultation, I'll share my plan with you to get you started.

  • Whole body assessment

    Just because your knee is causing you pain, doesn't mean that's where the problem lies. Often the causes of issues are because of something else going on. So I'll look at all of it, to make sure to fix the cause and not just the problem.

  • Check-ins

    Some treatment programmes require homework. As part of our sessions, I'll check in on progress to make sure you're on plan to get yourself better again. If not, we'll look at what's going on and what we need to change.

  • Absence of symptoms

    Tui Na medical massage can and often results in a complete absence of symptoms, even in severe pain conditions that have been present for years.