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What causes knee pain in Cyclists?

Cyclists can get all kinds of knocks and scrapes, but they can also suffer from the likes of knee pain when they’re riding.

An article for Pink Bike recently highlighted some of the top causes of knee pain in cyclists and offered some suggestions on how to improve it.

In many cases, knee pain is caused by misalignment elsewhere in the body, the news provider noted. The hips, glutes and groin muscles can all throw the knee out of its correct alignment if they’re over or underworking.

Another thing that can cause issues is using your hip flexors and lower back to support and control your pelvis. Instead, focus on using your abdominal and buttock muscles. To do that, you need to strengthen your core.

You should also think about your feet because they provide the base support for your knees, the news provider noted.

If you’re having these issues, aside from carrying out exercises to strengthen weak muscles, you could have Tui Na massage in Chester to correct your alignment if this is the issue.

An article for Journal Advocate recently pointed out that people should try non-surgical treatments before opting for surgery or taking medication to control chronic knee pain.

It noted that just 20 per cent of chronic knee pain is actually a problem with the knee, while in the rest of the cases reported pain is typically caused by other factors. Inflammation is cited as a big contributing factor to knee pain, but there can be many causes for this.

To find the most appropriate treatment plan for your body, it’s therefore essential to work out exactly what’s causing your knee pain so that you can address it in the most appropriate way.


Matthew Budd BSc (Hons)