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How to calm Anxiety & Stress

There is no right or wrong way to feel at the moment, given everything that’s going on – and it’s important to acknowledge your feelings and not berate yourself if you are experiencing elevated levels of stress and anxiety.

It’s hardly surprising that you feel this way… a pandemic is something we’ve never had to deal with before and we’re muddling through the best we can and trying to find our way, adjusting to a new way of life for the time being.

What is important to remember is that this situation, as dire as it seems right now, is temporary and it cannot last forever. And there is also a lot you can do from the comfort of your own home to help you manage your feelings of stress and anxiety.

How can I manage my Anxiety?

Focusing on your breath is a brilliant way to help you slow your thoughts, however invasive they may be. There are lots of different techniques you can try but to start off, simply focus your awareness on inhaling and exhaling deep, even breaths.

Once you’ve practiced this, you can start looking at other breathing techniques, such as square breathing which is where you inhale for a count of five seconds, hold the breath for another five seconds, breathe out for five seconds and then repeat.

Really pay attention to the sensations of the breath as it flows in through your nose and out through your mouth. Thoughts may well pop into your head as you do this and you should acknowledge them when they do, but don’t dwell on them – always bring your attention back to your breath. After a few rounds of this, check in with your body and your mind to see if you’re feeling calmer and less anxious.

Where can I get help?

Once this is all over, get in touch with us here a Mill Acupuncture to make an appointment. Chinese Medicine and associated techniques are very effective at treating both stress and anxiety.

Visit the NHS website to find even more stress and anxiety-busting ideas.


Matthew Budd BSc (Hons)