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Did Meghan Markle have Acupuncture to induce labour?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced their baby boy Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to the world earlier this week, following his birth on Bank Holiday Monday.

However, after Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson admitted the youngster was a little overdue, it is likely his wife resorted to some natural techniques to encourage labour to begin.

One of these may have included acupuncture, with this being well-known as a way to bring on childbirth without having to face a medical induction.

Indeed, women’s health and reproductive specialist Dr Andrew Orr told BellyBelly.com that one treatment of acupuncture is often all that is required to get labour started.

“Sometimes a second treatment may be needed. Through continual research, we have found that induction using acupuncture generally works within six to 48 hours of having your treatment,” the doctor stated.

The news provider also revealed statistics from an Australian report that found the Chinese remedy successfully stimulated labour in 88 per cent of cases. 

While it is not known whether the former Suits star used acupuncture to encourage childbirth to start, she did famously enjoy several treatments during her pregnancy.

It is thought she spent £10,060 on acupuncture, a wellness clinic and hypnobirthing while she was expecting.

Prior to the Duchess of Sussex giving birth, a source close to celebrity acupuncturist Ross Barr told Vanity Fair that the ex-actress “plans to use it right up to her due date”.

Acupuncture can offer pregnant women a lot of benefits, including relieving the symptoms of morning sickness.

It is also known to help those suffering from infertility problems to conceive. 

Whether you want it for the beginning, middle or end of your pregnancy journey, book an acupuncture appointment in Chester today.


Matthew Budd BSc (Hons)