Acupuncture ‘could help with frequent migraines’

Good news.

As anyone who suffers from migraines will know, they’re debilitating. When you have to deal with them regularly, this can become a real challenge. The good news is Acupuncture can help.

One GP recently wrote for the Irish News about how acupuncture could be an alternative for people who suffer from frequent migraines and want to avoid taking medication as a preventative measure.

Dr Martin Scurr explained that those who have regular migraines are people who suffer from four or more a month. To cope with these, most will need to take a prophylactic treatment.

“The danger is medication dependency, and falling into the vicious circle of the medication itself causing a withdrawal headache as the drug wears off,” he said.

But there is hope. Dr Scurr highlighted a meta-analysis that recently appeared in the Journal of Neurology. This revealed that acupuncture could be a more effective treatment for regular migraines than medication.

He added that acupuncture is believed to reduce pain by “releasing endorphins or affecting nerve pathways”. Dr Scurr suggested that people who have migraines should therefore consider acupuncture, at the very least alongside any medication they’re taking.

Further research.

There has also been research released recently that indicates there could be a link between back pain and persistent headaches. The team from the University of Warwick who conducted the research suggested both conditions should therefore be considered when choosing treatment.

If you’ve not gotten anywhere with getting effective treatment or medication for your migraines, or if you’re keen to try acupuncture or tui na massage, get in touch with us today to find out whether either treatment could help with your migraines, headaches or back pain.