Back Pain

Almost one-fifth of Brits suffer Back Pain

Statistics from Public Health England by Imperial College London has found that, on average, 17 per cent of the population in England are suffering from back pain.

The data came from PHE’s Health Survey, and only those who were in pain at the time of the survey and who had been in pain for at least three months, were counted in the figures. This means it is likely to underestimate the scale of the problem, given that it’s possible to treat a bout of acute back pain within three months.

Charity Versus Arthritis commissioned Imperial College London to carry out the analysis.

A spokesperson for the organisation commented: “Back pain can have a devastating impact on people’s lives, affecting their independence, mobility and ability to stay in work.”

They added that while things like painkillers and physiotherapy can help people to manage their back pain, more investment is needed for “treatments and better pain management techniques”.

If you’ve tried traditional physiotherapy but are still struggling with your back pain, you could explore tui na massage instead. This treatment combines soft tissue massage and acupressure, and the main focus of the treatment is to detect, reduce and correct muscular imbalances and misalignments that cause pain.

Around 80 per cent of adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives and it’s the leading cause of disability in the UK.

The Express recently reported on a new study by Anglia Ruskin University, which found that people who suffer from back pain are more than twice as likely as those who don’t have back pain to experience common mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression and stress.

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How can Tui Na Massage help you?

Tui Na massage is an ancient Chinese therapy that is a form of soft tissue massage and acupressure. It can also be combined with acupuncture to bring additional benefits. But how can it help you?

A recent article for Mind Body Green highlighted some of the most common benefits of Tui Na massage, noting that it’s different to what is considered a traditional massage in the western world because Tui Na incorporates twisting, pulling, kneading, turning and pushing.

The news provider also pointed to some of the most common health benefits of having Tui Na massage.

It can be used to successfully ease pain, with the website citing two studies that focused on neck and back pain respectively. Receiving Tui Na over the course of several weeks helped many people with chronic neck pain to see significant improvements, according to one study.

The other found that combining regular Tui Na massage with core exercises helped people to reduce their back pain.

Tui Na can also help improve your balance. The news provider mentioned a study carried out with patients suffering from Parkinson’s, which revealed that their coordination and balance was significantly improved after three months of regular practice. Those receiving Tui Na as part of this study also performed better than the people who practiced strength training and stretching.

Last month, The New Paper reported that a growing number of parents in the USA are taking their children for Tui Na sessions to help deal with a range of ailments.

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Cosmetic Acupuncture: Nature’s Answer To Botox

When it comes to the benefits of acupuncture, we look holistically at what it can achieve for the body, but of course, carefully targeted in the right area, it can achieve some incredible effects. Pain relief and relaxation are all well-documented, but could it be that acupuncture provides the answer to better skin, also?

In a world of botox and fillers, you’d think that cosmetic acupuncture was a new fangled thing, but in fact, it’s been used for thousands of years in treating the skin by Chinese medicine practitioners. And while acupuncture needles can be placed in points on the face for a number of reasons, here we’re talking about their use in stimulating cosmetic changes.

This guide from Harpers Bazaar breaks it down for us.

The key takeaway from cosmetic acupuncture is the stimulation of fibroblast cells that exist in the dermis layer of the skin, which when triggered, can help promote a new generation of collagen and elastin, which have anti-ageing qualities. Experts compare the process to a cosmetic treatment known as microneedling, but find that with acupuncture, the needles can go much deeper into the skin., making it far more effective.

When the skin produces more collagen and elastin, the skin can be made for resilient and firmer, which can change the appearance of key features of ageing skin, such as crow’s feet and frown lines. It can also be used to treat acne by improving the skin’s ability to detoxify.

If anti-ageing treatments are something you want to try, this may be a more responsible way to do so, looking after your whole body holistically too, as undoubtedly acupuncture is a treatment for your energy too.

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