‘Acupuncture Cured My Migraines’

Migraines they come with a flash, like an unwanted visitor that barges into your house. The word itself conjures thoughts and images of pain that you probably wouldn’t inflict on your worst enemy. (Or maybe you would)

We all know someone who has suffered  migraines occasionally, or maybe you are unfortunate enough to get them regularly. Those who suffer these intrusions, often seek the comfort of a cool, quiet, dark room to shield themselves from the storm raging in their head.

Let me introduce you to one of my patients

The headaches began after Karen turned 40. They struck as often as twice a week, lasted for half a day or more and felt like “knives stabbing” at her forehead.  Her GP diagnosed her with migraines after a CT scan ruled out other potential ailments.

On the GP’s advice, Karen cut out certain food groups including caffeine, chocolate, and dairy—all to no avail. Then she tracked weather changes and discovered that the migraines clustered in the spring and fall when temperature fluctuations were frequent and dramatic. For the next 10 years, she learned to live with the chronic condition and was on the treadmill of regular medication that wasn’t solving the problem, and was having some rather unpleasant side effects.

The breaking point

Karen reached the breaking point when the side effects got too much. They ranged from fatigue (wiping her out all day) to some nasty stomach pains. With that, Karen decided to take charge of her health.

Apprehensive at first, Karen had sought me out for acupuncture as she had heard some reports it was good for reducing the pain.

Her first acupuncture treatment was not at all scary. “You can feel the needles go in,” she says, “but it doesn’t hurt.”

The results

The migraines never returned. Within the first 8 weeks, Karen experienced only mild pressure in place of the usual pain. “I was so happy!” she says. “I regret that I didn’t try it sooner.” She continues to be migraine free, even after experiencing major temperature changes vacationing in Spain this winter. Karen will continue with maintenance treatments, once a month or as needed.

Do you suffer from migraines? or know someone who does. I offer a free consultation call my reception team on 0800 468 1008 and take charge of your health now.

Matthew Budd

Owner & Practioner at Mill Acupuncture