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‘Acupuncture Cured My Hayfever’

Hayfever time is almost upon us. We love those sunny days and late evenings, sitting outside enjoying the garden and perhaps a glass of wine. But for some of us, it can be tainted by pollen count skyrocketing.

We all know somebody who suffers from it, or maybe you do. The puffy red eyes, the runny nose or maybe it’s the sneezing. It can make your life miserable during the spring and summer months.

Let me introduce you to James, who came to see me last year. He had been a chronic hayfever sufferer. Complaining of sneezing fits, red dry eyes and just feeling lousy. He had tried the normal root ranging from tablets to nasal sprays, and in particular, the tablets were causing him to feel drowsy.

He then walked through my door, looking for a more natural way to get relief, without any side effects.

Acupuncture was the focus of the treatment, to clear the congestion and relieve the irritation. After the 1st initial consultation, I advised James to avoid certain foods that were causing some irritation. He was an avid lover of curry and Indian food which meant the spices were irritating his sinuses.

After the 1st session, James was amazed at the relief he got with just one treatment. An immediate relief had been felt that evening. With reductions in sneezing and eye redness. Following a further 4 sessions, James’s symptoms disappeared. He was over the moon and could get out and about in the son.

Since then James will occasionally pop by to prevent any symptoms occurring after all prevention is better than a cure 🙂

I’m currently offering free consultations for Hayfever sufferers, at my clinics in Chester, Sandbach, and Saint Asaph. Feel free to book online below or call 0800 468 1008.